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Successfully Closed Escrows With Earned Commissions/Wages!

934 W. Alpine Avenue, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $168,000 (Buyer Referral/SFR), 1400 W. Warner Avenue, #74, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $74,900 (Buyer/Condo), 2126 S. Forest Avenue, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $169,900 (Seller/Probate/SFR), 1022 W. Curie Avenue, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $154,000 (Buyer/Short Pay/SFR), 2307 N. Sacramento Street, Orange, CA –Refi Loan/SFR, 702 S. Ohio Street, Anaheim, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 4942 Park Place, Yorba Linda, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 1003 & 1005 West Camile Avenue, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $255,000 (Buyer Referral/Duplex/FHA Purchase Loan), 4912 W. 5 Street, #B, Santa Ana, CA – Refi Loan/TownHouse, 1072 Cabrillo Park Drive, #B-C, Santa Ana, CA – Sold $88,000 (Buyer Referral/Condo/FHA Purchase Loan), 16914 Stoneglass, Tustin, CA – Sold $149,900 (Buyer Referral/FHA Purchase Loan/TownHouse), 2468 Wandering Ridge Drive, Chino Hills, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 7012 Cascade, Joshua Tree, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 10206 Floral Drive, Whittier, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 9849 Caminito Cuadro, San Diego, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 9356 Balfour Street, Pico Rivera, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 9712 Sunglow Street, Pico Rivera, CA – Sold $215,000 (Buyer/Purchase Loan/Sellers/SFR), 7053 Bonnie Vale Place, Pico Rivera, CA – Sold $270,000 (Buyer/Purchase Loan/SFR), 13201 Roper Avenue, Norwalk, CA – Sold $255,000 (Seller/SFR), 9109 Orizaba Avenue, Downey, CA – Sold $338,000 (Buyer/Purchase Loan/SFR, 3944 Amistad Avenue, Pico Rivera, CA – Sold $270,000 (Buyer/Purchase Loan/SFR), 28 Fort Sumter, Irvine, CA – Sold $517,000 (Buyer/SFR), 14547 Choke Cherry Drive, Victorville, CA – Sold $342,000 (Buyer/Purchase Loan/SFR), 2501 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., #103, Gardena, CA – Refi Loan/Condo, 1209 Beryl Street, Redondo Beach, CA – Refi Loan/SFR, 5308 W. Ballast Avenue, Santa Ana, CA – Referral Refi Loan/SFR, 1757 Fitzgerald Avenue, San Jacinto, CA - Sold $184,000 (Buyer Referral/REO/SFR), 365 Mildred Street, Perris, CA - Sold $177,000 (Buyer Referral/REO/SFR), 69 Webber Way, Unit #76, Buena Park, CA - Sold $394,000(Buyer/Newly Developed/Condo/Broker's Split) 


Sold Property Escrow = Sold $Sales Price

(+ Purchase Loan, if applicable)

Refinance Property Escrow = Refi Loan 

For the record, many of the above mentioned Clients were able to take over their American Dream (Purchase) or hold onto their American Dream (Refinance) via Credit Repair with me prior to going into Escrow! I have successfully removed more than $250,000 of Derog Credit from Consumers' Credit Reports since 1990!  

Development Course In Progress!

What If??? --- Why Do I Need/Want A Realtor Escrow Flowchart??? (AKA Why Do I Earn My Realtor Commissions/Wages Escrow Flowchart???)